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So I give out lots of advice about how very important it is to look after yourself, both your health, stress levels, nutrition, exercise etc etc. However, in March I got sick (don’t panic, only a cold!).

I’d had a busy time, working, getting my new treatment room ready – I’d given myself a deadline (I know not why……) and obviously got a bit run down and succumbed to some nasty germs.

Felt a bit rubbish for a couple of weeks but then realised I should really start taking my own advice. Soooo, I decided to book a massage for me – yay! Massaging a lot myself (which I do love doing) does sometimes result in my back aching. Also, being a tall lady I really need to safeguard my tools, i.e. me.

Well, what a difference. I decided to take the day off – went for a run first thing – did some (computer) work for a couple of hours and then hit the massage couch mid-afternoon. I was going to go back to work afterwards but I decided against it. As I tell everyone else – “relax for the rest of the day to get the most from your treatment”. So I did. It was fab! I’m doing it again this month too. So there.

massage is very beneficial to your health

According to Beata Aleksandrowicz, massage expert – the principles of massage include emotional wellness, posture and mental awareness. Put simply, a massage makes you feel good. However, it can also help to regulate the different systems within the body and enable it to heal itself. Even a one-off massage will make a difference to your health – it can boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and release muscle tensions, as well as making you feel more relaxed and positive.

I’m going to continue with my monthly treat as I feel I owe it to myself to look after me. If I’m having a particularly busy or stressful day, it’s lovely to know I’ve got “my day” coming up and I can do with it what I choose.

But we can’t all just take a day off Sarah, I hear you cry. Well, I guess for me that’s one of the huge benefits of being self-employed. As I sometimes work at the weekends (both Saturday and Sunday this weekend) it is something I can build around what I do.

Working from home

According to a report from the UN’s International Labour Organisation, people who work from home are more likely to suffer from insomnia, stress and depression.
Natural Health Magazine, April 2017

So you see, even more important.

For those of you in a similar position – plan and put it in the diary – it won’t happen otherwise. For those of you who are retired or work part time – plan a day which suits. For those of you who work full time – do it on a weekend – or take annual leave. Whatever suits you. Prioritise you – why ever not. Don’t be so busy living that you forget to look after yourself.

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