November is the month to...

Get Moving

A new study from Denmark has revealed why fitness reduces a woman’s risk of breast cancer. When we do physical activity that’s hard enough to cause breathlessness, we release compounds called catecholamines, and a particular one, epinephrine, helps supress the grown of tumour cells.
Natural Health Magazine Nov 2017

Exercise – we all know about it – some even do it BUT sometimes it’s easier said than done. There are times I am sure, like some of you, I often know I should exercise but for some reason, just don’t. I’ve had two viruses in the last two months which just leave you feeling like exercise is just a bit too much of an ask. So I say on those days, just go with how you feel. Sometimes we all just need to rest – for both our body and our mind.

However, I also know I do really like to exercise and on the occasions I do push myself (e.g. quick run this morning) I always always come back feeling better. We’ve had some fabulous days so far this month – a little cooler I grant you (hopefully kill some bugs!) but also dazzling sunshine showing off the vibrant autumnal colours around us. I’m going to try a bit harder with my exercising, even if just so I can continue to eat cake (yum!).


I’m so lucky to live near the Tarka Trail but I guess in North Devon nobody is actually that far away from it. I can walk, run and cycle just 5 minutes from my house and I don’t even have to take the car. So whatever your preferred mode of exercise – a good walk is just fine – raise your heart rate and get outside, you know you want to!


We should all look after our physical, psychological and emotional needs.

If your gut health, your lung and large intestine, adrenal glands and immune system are all working well your body is far more likely to be able work effectively.

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Massage (especially aromatherapy) can assist on many levels to keep your body balanced, as well as promoting deep relaxation. If we are calmer our bodies function better. Health is maintained through balance.

It’s the old story of if we look after our body – it will look after us.


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I’m off to Cornwall for a week from 11-18 November. It’s my 50th birthday and to celebrate the Other Half and I are having a well-deserved rest. I’m not sure exactly how much resting is involved bearing in mind we want to swim (yes – in the sea!!!) and walk the coast path. Oh …. I’ve just remembered we’re doing that so we can eat as much lovely Cornish food as we can…… hooray!!!!

Have a good November, keep well and many thanks for reading.

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