Expert facials across Bideford & North Devon

Often referred to as a ‘mini face lift’, the purpose of a facial is to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which benefits the appearance and structure of the skin and its underlying structures. Wonderfully relaxing, it will leave your skin feeling fabulous and you feeling calm.

Facials - Facemask - Available from Sarah Butler Therapies of Bideford

Express Facial

If you’re short on time, or want to add on to another treatment, an express  facial is the perfect solution. 

Ensuring your skin will receive a thorough clean, exfoliation and mask leaving your skin feeling refreshed and you feeling relaxed. 


Relaxing Facial 

A relaxing facial also includes a facial massage bringing the blood supply to the skin’s surface.  This then gives the face a more filled out, plumper appearance.   Facial drainage clears any congestion and completes the massage.

Aromatherapy Facial available with Sarah Butler Therapies

Aromatherapy Facial

For quality skincare, using traditional aromatherapy oils will do wonders for your skin.  The queen of flowers Rose Otto oil (Rosa centifolia) is the absolute oil containing the highest number of petals.

Rose otto is excellent oil for the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, reduce broken veins and ease dermatitis and eczema.  It is a wonderful oil for women at all times and is gentle enough to be used on children.

A bespoke blend is created, dependant on your skincare and requirements.


Luxury Facials available with Sarah Butler Therapies of Bideford

Luxury Facial

For the indulgent treatment for your face, a luxury facial will also treat your body and mind.  A total hour of complete relaxation whilst your face is treated to thorough cleansing, exfoliation and a super long facial massage (taking in the neck, shoulders and upper chest).

A foot & leg or hand and arm massage, whilst the mask is on, leaves you feeling relaxed whilst your skin has time to absorb and rehydrate.

The benefits of this treatment can last several days and a regular luxury facial ensures your skin is always looking its very best.

Express facial : 25 mins / £27

Relaxing facial: 45 mins / £34

Aromatherapy facial:  45/60 mins / £37/£42

Luxury Facial: 60 mins / £39

Can’t wait to book my next appointment. Just had a facial by Sarah and feel like a million dollars. Highly recommended

A. Taffs


Why have regular facials?

Experts recommend having a professional treatment once a month is the optimal timing for your skin. It normally takes around a month for the skin to regenerate, so having your treatment once a month is enough to achieve the best possible effects.

Why commit to a monthly appointment? Because your face is the most important part of your body.

It’s what everyone sees first and it’s what everyone looks at whilst you’re in conversation. It’s therefore so important that you keep it looking great, and a treatment from our beautician is your best way of achieving that.

Here at Sarah Butler Therapies, we offer a brand new subscription service for clients who’d like a regular slot for their monthly facial.

The ultimate in relaxation and luxury pampering

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with Express Facial (1hr) – £39
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with Luxury Facial (1hr 30 mins) – £50

If you’re after the full package – we offer a back, neck and shoulder massage; foot, leg, hand and arm massage; face massage and mask and scalp massage to complete the treatment.

  • Total relaxation (1hr 30 mins) – £50

Parties & Special Occasions

All of our treatments can be offered collectively for groups, parties and events. Group treatments can be a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing activity for you and your friends, so click the button below if you’re interested in learning more.