Aromatherapy Awareness Week takes place from 7-13 June and mood boosting blends are just what we all need right now.  In this blog I’m sharing a few simple but effective self-care techniques, in the hope that you too can find them useful to manage stress, naturally.

Stress: None of us want to live with it (the bad kind, that is), but we also know we can’t live without it (the good kind which keeps us motivated).   Getting a healthy balance between the two should be our main objective.

To help you self-manage your stress levels, in case you ever feel the scales are starting to tip in the wrong direction…do try the following …

Feet first

The adrenal glands, which are directly affected by stress, are responsible for the “fight or flight” response we feel when we’re under pressure.  This response is meant to be short-lived, but sometimes it can be a regular occurrence, which means these small but mighty glands eventually get overworked.  In reflexology, the adrenal reflex is found just below the ball of each foot and also on the fleshy area below the thumb on the palmar side of the hand.  Gently pressing these reflex points for a few minutes can help calm the adrenal glands and reduce tension.  The hands can be worked at any time of the day and the feet are best worked for about five minutes per foot before bedtime.


Aroma time

Aromatherapy involves using plant essential oil to help improve our health and well being.  Lavender is one of the most studied essential oils in terms of its relaxing effects.  It has been show to calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature, as well as change the brain waves to a more relaxed state.  Neroli, often referred to as the “rescue remedy” of essential oils, is also a valuable oil for helping to ease anxiety and stress, along with bergamot, which is traditionally used to relieve tension and anxiety.  Add one or two drops of oil to a hanky or pillowcase and inhale when required, avoiding contact with eyes and skin.

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Facing up to stress

My speciality treatment is a natural face lift massage and I am constantly amazed how tension can be released throughout the whole body when just the face is being treated. We tend to hold emotional stress is our faces – particularly the jaw and temples – so gently massaging these areas using upward and outward circular motions helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress, while increasing muscle tone and revitalising your skin.  It is easy to do yourself, using your favourite cream or oil after cleansing, which means you can make it part of your daily routine.


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FHT Vice President, Mary Dalgleish


I do hope you find these techniques helpful; do let me know how you get on or if you have any queries or questions.


Many thanks for reading.


Best wishes


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