Reuse reduce recycle


It’s very true that with all the safety measures we’ve had to adhere to recently has meant that we all possibly haven’t been as green as we were prior to the pandemic.  However, that doesn’t mean that we all can’t boast a range of eco-friendly initiatives.

Below are just a few ways that we can action and behave in a way that keeps the environment in mind…

Your ethos

There are many ways to keep all things eco at the heart of our lives.  For instance, considering where you’re sourcing your purchases from and whether the manufacturers are local to you. Or simply by switching energy suppliers to a greener company.

Eco-friendly products

Research the ingredients that go into products you use  and find out how they are made. If a product is natural, organic or vegan, it is likely that this will be made very clear on the company’s website.


Tip! Look out for approval by the Soil Association as well as vegan and cruelty-free stamps.

Small scale changes

Not all steps in the right direction have to be huge changes. Perhaps you’ve sourced masks that are better for the environment, were able to cut down on some single-use products, or switched to paperless this year – be proud that you’re still moving in the right direction.  And most importantly …. Keep on going.  As a certain supermarket says ….. every little helps!


Many thanks for reading and supporting my small business.


Best wishes


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