We are now in week 9 of a lockdown that has been, to say the least, a challenge to each and every one of us. Life has been so different to anything we’ve ever known; we’ve been lucky enough in our lifetime to have never known a pandemic, thank goodness!

Mental Health Awareness Week 18- 24 May

Never has there been a more important time to focus on our mental wellbeing than now.

Mental Health Awareness week aims to get people talking about their mental health and reduce the stigma that can stop people asking for help. The theme for 2020 is kindness.

Be Kind

Firstly, be kind to yourself.

We are often our own harshest critic, judging ourselves and putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves to do, be, action etc.

Just breathe and do whatever feels right for you on that day. If you don’t feel like being productive, then that’s ok. Do some mindfulness meditation (going for a walk / sitting in a chair / lying on the sofa and letting your mind be still)

mental health awareness - be kind to yourself
Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Go for a walk if you want to – save the 5K run for another day (or the gardening or the cupboard clearing, baking, cleaning, garage tidying etc).

Or (and this has to be my ultimate all time fave!) – read a book! Oh the bliss of allowing yourself time to just sit and read a good story.

If you’re kind to you – you can then also be kind to others. I’ve tried to keep in touch with friends and clients I know live alone and might be struggling a bit.

It seems they like a bit of a chat about this and that and it’s also been really good for me too.


Free online coaching program for challenging times

Action for Happiness has launched a new program to boost your wellbeing in these crazy times. If you feel you would like to access this resource visit their website here


I really love the Action for Happiness calendars and quotes as they are so positive whatever life is like for you (at whatever time).

I’m so looking forward to returning to my treatments and lovely clients, but in the meantime stay well, stay safe and stay positive.

Many thanks for reading.

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