So before Covid-19 and lockdown life I was in the process of changing my business name. As this brings a number of tasks attached to it, I thought in the circumstances, I may as well carry on….


In August 2015 I qualified as a Beauty Therapist, after having taken voluntary redundancy in January 2015, retrained and then set up my little business in November 2015.

I then undertook several massage qualifications and secured posts with North Devon Hospice (Voluntary Therapist) and Hartland House Spa (Spa Therapist) in February 2016. These roles gave me lots of experience and the on the job learning I needed and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

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Sarah Butler works as a volunteer in the North Devon Hospice

I’m still at the hospice, four years on, as many of you know, and spent 2.5 years at the Spa before it closed in August 2018.

Undertaking my City & Guilds Level 3 Complementary Therapy training (massage, aromatherapy & reflexology) in 2017/18 gave me further qualifications in treatments I am extremely passionate about.


It’s been quite a journey and a wonderful one so far. Having just completed my training in ScarWork, a relatively new therapy, in March moved me (I feel) more into the role of Complementary Therapist, as opposed to (only) Beauty Therapist.

ScarWork logo


So, in January 2020 I felt the business name was slightly misleading and not accurately reflecting what I now (completely) offered, and thus the name change.

Sarah Butler Therapies

What I offer hasn’t changed hugely (just the name). I will still offer beauty treatments and, of course, still undertake pamper parties, which are extremely popular in summer months, and which my colleagues and I thoroughly enjoy.


Don’t worry if you google search Back to Beauty you’ll just be sent to Sarah Butler Therapies, so no problem. The same with the e-mail address.

Please do take a look the new name/logo. It would be lovely to know what you think.

Stay well, stay safe, stay positive

Many thanks for reading

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