Sarah Butler Therapies volunteers at The Longhouse

So, I’d had my time off, done my training, set up my little business and then thought…. What now!

So, I did some planning and a little bit of very local advertising, sourced a (free) business mentor and met up with a lovely lady I knew who had vast experience in the industry for some support and advice (for which I am so very grateful). I also knew I needed “others”, like minded women who were perhaps in similar situations or that I could just chat to, gain advice and have some camaraderie with- so I joined a ladies networking group. It was and is one of the best things I did (I still attend when I can).

I also realised quickly it would take a while to grow a business and that I needed some income – yup – I needed a job! I thought I’d probably fall back on my admin skills and pick up something part time but, I was extremely lucky to get a couple of roles that would give me what I needed, i.e. experience, an income and, most of all, job satisfaction. I went for interviews at Hartland House Spa and North Devon Hospice (as a volunteer Beautician) in the same week and was extremely fortunate to get both roles. I work at The Longhouse, North Devon Hospice’s new venue at Holsworthy, one day a month at their pamper days. These days are held for patients and carers for some well deserved pampering and a bit of time out. It is extremely rewarding and humbling at the same time. I always look forward to that day each month. Hartland House Spa has given me experience and confidence and is a lovely place to work a couple of days a week in a glorious setting.

In the meantime, my own client base has and is growing steadily and healthily. Tune in next time.

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