Just to give you a little update on my recent holiday, following last month’s blog.

I had a fantastic birthday and, yes I did swim in the sea, but I did have a wetsuit on!

It was a glorious sunny day with calm sea and blue sky and, to be honest, I felt good to be alive.

Also, I got married! After 4 years together my Other Half and I took the plunge at Penzance Registry Office.

Sarah Butler swimming in the sea wearing a wet suit
Sarah Butler got married

We had a lovely day, an intimate and moving ceremony with two gorgeous ladies as our witnesses and, again, the weather was kind to us. A huge thank you to Denise and Alison who were not only fabulous witnesses, but wonderful photographers as well!


Christmas is fast approaching with the twinkle of fairy lights and the familiar sounds of Jingle Bells, together with the festive gatherings and fun decorations. December can also be a stressful month. Pressure to buy presents for every single person you know, cooking mountains of food and dealing with many people can be overwhelming.

I went Christmas shopping last week with a good friend but came away feeling not very Christmassy at all to be honest. Just the thought of making lots of purchases, let alone coming up with original and inspiring ideas, just felt a bit too much of an ask.

It is, however, prudent to remember the importance of gratitude. A homemade gift or a voucher to be exchanged for helping decorate, or a night of babysitting, for example, can mean far more than another box of chocs or pair of socks.

For the last few years at Christmas we’ve received gift vouchers for a favourite restaurant. This means we get to go out for a lovely meal in dark (and often dreary) January. It really brightens up our month and is such a great present to receive.

christmas 2017
merry christmas from Sarah Butler Therapies

My aim this year is to come up with original ideas that perhaps mean people can have “experiences” and make memories, whilst also having something to look forward to.

Don’t despair of Christmas though (I won’t if you won’t……!) , keep your cool, stay fit and healthy and enjoy it for what it is, a once a year event that can be really enjoyable.


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Have a very happy, healthy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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