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I don’t know about you but there’s an awful lot going on right now. Life suddenly seems to have got super busy. Here was me just going along quite happily (not that I’m not happy now you understand….) and – bam – everything’s happening at once. On top of it all the central heating has broken on what is said to be the coldest week of the year so far …. damn!

So, I realised that I can’t keep going at top speed without looking after me (the advice I give out to others all the time!). A lovely friend has offered to give me an aromatherapy massage this week and I cannot wait.

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Try Reflexology

It’s important for all us to have some self-help tools on hand to combat stress. As I’m studying reflexology at the moment, I thought I’d let you know a simple hand massage and reflexology
technique you can use on yourself anywhere at any time.

1. Squeeze both of your hands together into tight fists and slowly release them. Repeat this action a few times.
2. Curl one of your hands and walk the opposite thumb along the crease of the palm, using a pressing motion. This will relax your diaphragm and calm your breathing.
3. In reflexology, the thumb represents the head. Massage each thumb to soothe your mind. Press the fingerprint area of your thumb firmly to stimulate the pituitary gland reflex – this helps to regulate your endocrine system and balance your hormones.
4. Slide your thumb upwards on the fleshy pad of each of your fingers to help clear your sinuses. Then slide down between the webbing on the back of your hands to stimulate lymphatic drainage.
5. Massage your little fingers and the areas just underneath to relax tight shoulders.
6. Finish by spreading out your fingers and slowly squeezing your palms together while breathing deeply.

I’ve actually been doing this before I go to sleep, whilst in bed, and it does seem to help.

Try Massage

Stress is caused by impatience and an inability to find solutions. The increase of heat in the body causes sweating and breathlessness. Massage is very good for reducing tension in the body, and oil therapies calm the mind.

One of the best treatments you can do is a 10 minute self foot massage with warm sesame oil which will nourish and strengthen your nervous system – do this in the evening as it will get rid of excess heat and dryness and ensure better rest.

1. Warm some sesame oil and apply to your feet.
2. Start massaging the tips of your toes in a circular motion, first anti-clockwise and then the other way.
3. Rub the soles of your feet, then move on to the centre of your heel.
4. Finish by massaging your ankle bones, then soak your feet in warm or hot water with a little salt in it.

Your guide to aromatherapy by Sarah Butler Therapies

However you relax do make sure you are kind to yourself. It will ensure your stress levels come down and you will feel better in yourself.

So, it’s a massage on Friday for me, a day off next week with a friend and planning a holiday for later in the year with the husband. You know I might also have a bath with some lavender oil in it as well! Who said I don’t take my own advice……

Many thanks for reading.

Keep warm and well this month

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